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Who is the first AdC?

My name is Raúl Bellido, Offical Tourist Guide and Military History Specialist. My first book is 'Austerlitz, la obra maestra de Napoleón', published by Trafalgar Editions. The first AdC (el primer Edecán) is a personal project. I have dedicated much effort, ilusion and time to start it. I am a military history lover since before I remember and, being my family from a small village close to Salamanca, I was lucky to grow nearly a battlefield and discover by myself it is not the same reading about a battle than walk the place where it happened. From then until now I have shown the battlefield to friends and other people many times. They have encourage me to offer my knowledge and experience to the broad public and translate to them the importance of discover napoleonic battlefields to experts and amateurs, to courious people, to spanish and foreigners.

Living the battle

Before the Napoleonic Wars there are no enough elements to rebuild a battle reliably. Now we have a broad perspective, including books, maps, letters, diaries and articles composed in the last 200 hundred years. With all these components we are able to recompose the events that happened in the battlefield. Indeed we have details enough to know and feel the emotions who live the battle in first person.


History is trendy. With us you will know how soldiers lived, how was their day by day and how they experienced a battle day.


A battlefield was, and is still now, a field. We will spend a day in nature which sorrounds our villages, changing our daily perspective.


Un viaje al pasado nos descubre vestigios del ayer. Puentes, ermitas, casas fuertes, fortificaciones y otros lugares que fueron clave hace 200 años. Sabremos porqué.

Do you want to visit a battlefield?

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Raúl M. Bellido

the first AdC
I am Military Specialist and Official tourist Guide. 'Austerlitz 1805, la obra maestra de Napoleón' is my first book.

Carmen Ímaz

Blog contributor
I am journalist and spanish philologist. I teach at the Franklin Institute at the Alcalá University. I am tutur at the UNED. I belong to the 'Association of Friends of the Army Museum and Military History and Culture'.

Miguel Ángel Sánchez

Blog contributor
Novelist and grognard of History and simulation wargames.

Juan Carlos Lozano

Blog contributor
I am co-writer of 'Austerlitz 1805, la obra maestra de Napoleón'.

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