Madrid Dos de Mayo Uprising Tour

Madrid dos de mayo uprising

from 29€/person
2.5 hours 1+ People Urban tour

madrid against the invaders

The French came to Spain as allies, on the way to Portugal. First they occupied several strongholds. Then they called our kings Carlos IV and Fernando VII to Bayonne (France). The Spanish authorities continued to preach that they were friends against the British, because they dared not unleash the wrath of Napoleon, tyrant of Europe.

But the common people, the neighbors of Madrid, began to suspect. Why did an ally need 30,000 soldiers occupying the capital of Spain? It only took a spark to blow up the city, and the French raised the stakes taking the rest of the royal family away from Madrid. The people of Madrid would not allow it!

Urban tour

Our first visit within a city is a totally different experience.

Expert guide

Specialist on the urban battlefield.

Walk through old Madrid

We will travel on foot through the most relevant places on that Monday that started the Peninsular War.


Madrid tour
4+ people
from 35€/person
  • Official guide
  • Tour insurance included


Meeting point

Once you have made the reservation, we will tell you the meeting point

Battlefield tour

We will take a walking tour of the main places of the uprising that Monday, May 2, setting ourselves both in the Spanish and French points of view

End of visit

We said goodbye (until our next tour!)

“Me han regalado una visita guiada al campo de batalla de los Arapiles, por medio de el Primer Edecán. ¡¡¡¡Ha sido realmente genial!!!!! Una vista con un autentico erudito por los campos donde ocurrió la batalla que se conservan perfectamente. Un acercamiento histórico para los más legos, donde te habla de las tácticas de la época (modos de lucha, armamento, dida a dia del soldado) y gran estrategia para los más avanzados (grandes movimientos de tropas, situación geoestratégica, manutención e intendencia de grandes ejercitos). Todo esto realizado por un gran conocedor y comunicador como ha sido Raúl (El Primer Edecán) al que se le puede preguntar y debatir, que hademostrado no solo ser un gran conocedor de la historia, si no un gran comunicador, que hace que la visita sea realmente apasionante.Si teneis oportunidad mirad su blog y animaros a contactar con el y hacer la visita.!!!!! De lo mejor que he hecho¡¡¡¡¡¡”
Eduardo Herrera
(publicado en Facebook)

Reserve your place

Tell us when you would like to go and how many people you would come to the tour and we will organize it in a personalized way.

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  1. Matthew Slavnik

    My family and I had a great time learning about the dos de mayo uprising which was made famous by the painting from Goya in the Prado Museum of the same name. The tour starts at the beautiful Royal Palace, then moves to the stoic Plaza Mayor and ends in the trendy Malasaña neighborhood. Raúl was an excellent tour guide who was very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject and was able to provide us with a detailed backdrop to the uprising. I highly recommend this tour, as it is an excellent way to learn about the history of Madrid and see the city.

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