Salamanca full-day

Salamanca full-day tour

from 145€/person
9 hours 1+ people Lunch included

Where the war turned the tide

On July 22, 1812 the multinational army of the then Earl of Wellington, composed of British, Spanish, Portuguese and Germans, faced the Armée du Portugal commanded by Marmont, Marshal of the Empire and personal friend of Emperor Napoleon I. The French had been maneuvering with skill for more than a month, to the point that they had pushed back the Allies from the banks of the Duero. Wellington would be forced to return to Portugal if he failed to win a decisive victory. Marmont knew it. Would the Earl be able to go on the offensive?

Heritage site

Salamanca is one of the few protected battlefields in Spain, so it remains practically the same as 200 years ago.

Official Tourist Guide

Specialist on the battlefield. Know every inch of land in the place after many visits.

Interpretation Centre

In which a great model about the battle, explanatory diagrams of the different phases and a video of the previous actions are exposed.

Lunch included

Halfway through the tour we will stop for a delicious meal in a typical restaurant.


Full-day Tour
from 145€/person
  • Official Guide
  • Lunch included
  • Tour insurance included


Meeting point

Once you have made the reservation, we will tell you the meeting point

Battlefield tour

We will make the tour by car, because the battlefield is too big to walk. We will stop in several places to know the point of view of both the Allied and French sides

Typical restaurant lunch

It is time to comment on the visit and enjoy a well-deserved rest

Interpretation Center

We will visit the nterpretation Center located in the village of Arapiles, with a model with more than 5000 miniatures

Augmented Reality

We will be able to watch the battle unfold using the latest technologies.y

End of visit

We said goodbye (until our next tour!)

“I really can’t recommend Raul’s tour highly enough. My wife and I are both interested in military history. At school, I had done a project on the 43rd and 52nd Light foot Regiments, who along with the 95th Rifles made up the Light Division. They featured heavily in the Peninsula War. I had long known the name of Salamanca as a pivotal battle. Last year (2022) we visited the battlefield and the interpretation centre. I realised this wasn’t enough to understand the battle. Raul’s knowledge and expertise brought the whole battle alive. It really is extraordinary to be able to stand where the various commanders stood, to see what they would have been able to see, to understand the difficulties in communication and the scale and distance involved in the battle. From the initial skirmishes to the conclusion to the final conclusion this was an enlightening afternoon. Although I knew something of the era, it was truly a wonderful tour that broadened my knowledge and understanding.”
John Riley
Written in Google

Reserve your place

Tell us when you would like to go and how many people you would come to the tour and we will organize it in a personalized way.

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