Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo 1812

Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo 1812

from 35€/person
2.5 hours 1+ Urban tour

The path to victory

When the French took Valencia on January 9, 1812, many thought that the war was over.

But, at the other end of the country, Lord Wellington arrived that same day before the walls of Ciudad Rodrigo ready to start a path that, a year and a half later, would expel Napoleon’s troops from Spain.

In order to do this, he had to first take the city, with its walls and its fortified convents, before almost 2,000 French soldiers who were very aware of the importance of their mission.

If they failed, the way was opened and the threat of losing all of Old Castile and Madrid. It was not going to be easy…

Urban tour

We will watch the main points of those days, including the great and the small breach.

Expert guide

Specialist in the Peninsular Wars


Transfer from Salamanca
3+ People
from 69€/person
  • Official Guide
  • Tour insurance included
  • Optional lunch (+19€/person)
Ciudad Rodrigo Siege
6+ People
from 35€/person
  • Official guide
  • Tour insurance included


Meeting point

Once you have made the reservation, we will tell you the meeting point

Battlefield tour

We will take a walking tour of the main places of the Siege

End of visit

We said goodbye (until our next tour!)

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Reserve your place

Tell us when you would like to go and how many people you would come to the tour and we will organize it in a personalized way.

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