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    Salamanca, Talavera, Somosierra, Fuentes de Oñoro

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    Dos de Mayo, Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca forts

Peninsular war battlefields

Military history is gaining in popularity. More and more books tell us about the deeds of our ancestors, about remote times in nearby places. But until now the battlefields have only been maps in those same books, brightly coloured pages that do not bring us closer to the reality of what happened. We want to uncover those places for you, to transport you to the time when the greatest deeds of arms took place, to make you understand the whys and wherefores. No matter how much you have read or how many maps you have seen, you will not understand a battle until you have stepped on the field. Your perception will change forever.

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July 22, 1812

Salamanca battlefield

Given its consideration as a Historic Site, the battlefield that has been preserved for 200 years. Historical immersion is guaranteed.

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July 27-28, 1809

Talavera battlefield (Toledo)

The alliance between Spaniards and British took its first step in the fields of Talavera de la Reina.

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may 2, 1808

Dos de Mayo Uprising (Madrid)

An urban battlefield. An uprising that caused a war. A day for which Madrid was awarded the title of 'very heroic'.

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November 30, 1808

Somosierra battlefield (Madrid)

An incomparable natural setting. The only battle Napoleon personally led in the War of Independence.

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april-july, 1810

Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo 1812

A fortress preserved as it was 200 years ago is a privileged environment to understand what a siege was like during that time.

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Siege of Salamanca forts

The city of Tormes lost a third of its heritage. Find out what it was like before the war and what happened during it.

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may 3-5, 1811

Fuentes de Oñoro battlefield (Salamanca)

Visit the only battlefield located between Spain and Portugal, with the town of Fuentes de Oñoro as it was 200 yeras ago.

History for everyone

From an entertaining historical immersion with anecdotes and curiosities for people with little knowledge of the period to a day with detailed troop movements for experts who want to know the terrain where the events they have read about took place.

Nature from a new perspective

The time has come to look up from the stories and go out and explore the places where the events took place. Where until now you have seen land, forests and meadows, you will find defensive positions, hidden terrain and observation points.

The human side of the war

We will learn how the war worked through the testimonies of the combatants, their wives and children, and the locals who lived through it. The history of small details.

Private tours

Contact us and together we will look for the best way to make you live a unique experience.

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“Our visit to Los Arapiles was the highlight of our visit to Salamanca. Raul was an excellent guide to the events of July 22nd 1812 as he combined detailed knowledge of the battle with an infectious enthusiasm. As we walked the Battlefield we could almost see and hear the armies as they marched into position. The sun was setting as we stood at the Memorial stone and we felt we had honoured the memory of all who had fought. Thank you, Raul, for a memorable tour.”
“We thoroughly enjoyed our recent Salamanca battlefield tour with you. Your enthusiasm was infectious. And your detailed knowledge was most impressive. The scale and strategy of the battle came across very well. As did your portrayal of the personnel involved. Altogether engrossing and most informative.”

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Each battlefield is unique. Arapiles has nothing to do with Talavera, nor Waterloo with Austerlitz.