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What should we consider when preparing an excursion


It should be prepared with a hat, shoes adapted to the terrain, some fruit or snacks and plenty of water.


The visits are simple, available to everyone. It does not require any special physical preparation


All our excursions are insured with prestigious companies


A visit to a battlefield is still like spending a day on the field, so a hat and high socks or long pants is suitable. A hat is also highly recommended.

Sunglasses will also be useful.

Avoid the heels or shoes by pure logic, also the thin-soled shoes will be very uncomfortable. Ideally, have a shoe suitable for mountain, which has a thick sole, hold the ankle and is waterproof.

Since these are not very long visits, it is only necessary to bring enough water or isotonic drinks. It is not over any piece of fruit, nuts, energy bars, small sandwiches or cookies.

It would be very convenient to protect yourself with sunscreen. A trekking stick can help.


We will introduce you to the battle itself using new technology. We hope to surprise you by showing you an unexpected vision of combat.

Preparation of the excursion

In the visit we will tell you all about the battle, but if you can read something about it before coming, you will surely be surprised to discover where the facts about which you have been informed are developed.

Unfortunately not, since our groups are limited and exclusive so you could not do the activity if you have not previously bought or booked. Call us to +34 622 22 13 73 in advance.

SYou can always cancel or change the date of an activity if you do it more than 24 hours before the start of the visit. Any cancellation or change in the date may be subject to change or cancellation fees. For more information send us an email or call us by phone.

Visits are also carried out on rainy days. It should prepare for it, with umbrella, boots and raincoat.


As an accredited Travel Agency in the Community of Madrid, all our visits are insured according to current regulations.

The places we visit are fields without much difficulty, but obviously it is important to be careful with the animals we find (rabbits, insects, birds …) and the places where we walk, avoiding venturing alone in difficult terrain.

Any doubt?